How to Mitigate the Problems With Healthcare Interpreter Services

January 19, 2024
A doctor with a foreigner

Effective communication is crucial for providing quality care in the diverse healthcare landscape. Language barriers, however, pose significant challenges that can impede the delivery of accurate and timely medical services.

Key Problems

  1. Difficult to Access: Qualified interpreters are scarce, especially for less common languages. This leads to delays in care as clinicians struggle to find interpreters proficient in the languages needed.
  2. Long Wait:Time is critical to providing effective, high-quality care. However, doctors and patients wait up to 15 minutes for an interpreter -- time that should be spent treating patients.
  3. High Cost:Interpreter services are expensive, costing healthcare organizations upwards of $2 per minute and straining budgets.
  4. ComplianceEnsuring accurate interpretation is crucial, yet interpreter services often lack a confirmation that the information communicated by the doctor to the patient was correct. This ambiguity can result in misunderstanding of diagnosis, non-adherence to treatment plans, and, ultimately, compromised patient care.

Diya AI Interpreter solves these significant problems with current interpretation services to exceed health systems’ needs.

  1. Easy to Access:It ensures the interpreter services that clinicians need live in their coat pockets. It goes where clinicians go, with 100+ languages at their fingertips, 24/7.
  2. No Wait:It is available immediately to support in-person visits, telehealth calls, and phone calls with the highest quality and consistency.
  3. Low Cost: It costs just $0.33 per minute, a fraction of the $2 per minute that health systems currently pay. This means that a 150-bed hospital, for example, can save over $400K per year in interpretation costs.
  4. Exceeds Legal Requirements:It adheres to federal and state regulations, is HIPAA-compliant, and maintains a full, immutable transcript history of all calls.

Addressing the problems associated with existing interpretation services is essential for inclusive, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare delivery. With Diya AI Interpreter, healthcare organizations can quickly mitigate the impact of language barriers to provide optimal care for all patients.

About Diya Health

Diya Health is a Software-as-a-Service digital health platform company that enables health systems to deliver higher throughput and increased efficiency by proactively engaging patients, families, and caregivers. Diya leverages a state-of-the-art three-pronged approach to achieve this goal: 1. Automation of administrative and repetitive tasks, 2. A fully integrated multi-lingual messaging platform for 360° communication and collaboration, and 3. An AI-driven, predictive, and adaptive workflow engine.