Improving Patient Retention with Effective Communication

August 9, 2023
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In a digital age where information is readily accessible, patients increasingly turn to online reviews to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers. A recent study, as reported in the article "Online Reviews Show Patients Seek Strong Patient-Provider Communication," highlights the growing significance of patient-provider communication in influencing patients' choices.

The study analyzed a vast dataset of online reviews submitted by patients across various healthcare platforms. The findings shed light on patients' preferences and priorities regarding their healthcare experiences. Unsurprisingly, a consistent pattern emerged: patients value strong communication with their healthcare providers above all else. Patients who reported positive interactions with their providers were more likely to express higher satisfaction with their healthcare journeys. Conversely, negative reviews frequently cited poor communication as a significant pain point.

The research indicates that patients seek providers who actively listen to their concerns, offer clear and concise explanations of medical conditions and treatment options, and demonstrate empathy and understanding. Patients appreciate active involvement in their care and decision-making processes, which can lead to improved patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

Additionally, the study underscores the role of technology in shaping patients’ experiences. As patients’ desires for better communication become a requirement, providers struggle to strike a balance between the time spent on treating, educating, and communicating with patients. Providers should leverage engagement technologies that automate communication and education while maintaining a personal touch. For example, Diya’s digital health platform proactively engages patients and their families with personalized messaging and media-rich education. For patients and families, the communication appears from their care team; for providers, it's fully automated to minimize clinical workflow disruptions.

As the influence of online reviews continues to grow, providers must recognize the significance of solid communication skills in building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. Providers can drive improvements in patient acquisition and retention by prioritizing patient-provider communication and adopting technologies that foster continuous, meaningful, personalized engagement.


About Diya Health

Diya Health is a Software-as-a-Service digital health platform company that enables health systems to deliver higher throughput and increased efficiency by proactively engaging patients, families, and caregivers. Diya leverages a state-of-the-art three-pronged approach to achieve this goal: 1. Automation of administrative and repetitive tasks, 2. A fully integrated multi-lingual messaging platform for 360° communication and collaboration, and 3. An AI-driven, predictive, and adaptive workflow engine.