The Role of Digital Solutions in Improving Staff Retention and Care Quality

December 15, 2023
Staff Retention and Care Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted healthcare professionals, intensifying challenges such as critical patient influx, staff shortages, and safety risks. A recent AMN Healthcare survey reveals a concerning trend: 30% of nurses express a likelihood of leaving their healthcare careers, and 18% anticipate retiring from nursing. To address these issues, a digital transformation within health systems is essential. In the article "Empowering Staff, Improving Patient Outcomes, and Optimizing Operations with Digital Transformation," the author explores leveraging emerging technologies and actionable analytics as a solution.

A University of Chicago Medicine study underscores the severity of the situation, indicating that caregivers would need almost 27 hours a day to meet average patient care needs. To alleviate this burden, adopting digital solutions is crucial to streamline operations and enhance staff satisfaction and patient engagement.

Digital technologies, such as patient and family engagement solutions, are pivotal in improving operational efficiency and staff satisfaction while ensuring patient outcomes. These solutions allow healthcare professionals to focus more on direct patient care by automating non-clinical and administrative tasks. A McKinsey report suggests that technology enablement, automation, and improved task delegation can free up to 15% of caregiver time, increasing workplace satisfaction and retention.

Implementing a patient and family engagement platform — a communication hub for empowerment and education — can significantly reduce administrative tasks for clinicians and enhance the experience for patients. For example, Diya Health's continuous, automated updates to patients and families boost efficiency by proactively providing the right information at the right time. With the pervasive issue of burnout in healthcare, it's essential to address time constraints and acknowledge staff contributions. Digital platforms can play a crucial role in fostering a positive work environment by enabling clinicians to perform at the top of their license.

As the shortage of qualified nurses and clinicians reaches a critical point, it's clear that traditional incentives may not be sufficient. Healthcare leaders must invest in digital solutions that improve the patient experience and prioritize the well-being of clinicians and staff.


About Diya Health

Diya Health is a Software-as-a-Service digital health platform company that enables health systems to deliver higher throughput and increased efficiency by proactively engaging patients, families, and caregivers. Diya leverages a state-of-the-art three-pronged approach to achieve this goal: 1. Automation of administrative and repetitive tasks, 2. A fully integrated multi-lingual messaging platform for 360° communication and collaboration, and 3. An AI-driven, predictive, and adaptive workflow engine.