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Optimize Clinician Efficiency

With the critical staffing shortage, it’s paramount that the precious few clinicians focus on the highest quality care. Family engagement is an overhead.

Diya saves your clinicians 30+ minutes per day by automatically addressing family members’ most common questions and minimizing subsequent workflow disruptions.

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Transform Communication Quality

Not every hospital can afford to invest in high-quality educational content for families.

Diya gives you access to the best-rated content from top health systems. Save time and money, while the family benefits from easy-to-understand information about their loved one’s condition.

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Strengthen Hospital Brand

Families are proactively kept informed from admission through discharge. Rather than anxiously waiting for a clinician’s daily call, family members collaborate on the latest updates in real-time.

With such an incomparable experience, families feel compelled to spread the word.

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Developed in Collaboration

with experts from leading health systems

Getting Started is Easy

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Frictionless deployment with  minimal IT needs

Your IT staff is busy, we get that. Let us get you up and running with minimal IT investment.

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Access to content from  top health systems

No need to create all of your own educational content! Pick from a shared library.

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Low-cost starter package

Pricing is designed to make budgeting painless for you

Success Stories

Got started with  no IT engagement

A UC Davis outpatient clinic, Clínica Tepati, launched Diya’s starter pack without consuming the IT department’s time.

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Family engagement by the clinical team is recognized as a key component of high-quality ICU care.


Stephanie Parks Taylor, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine

Atrium Health, Wake Forest School of Medicine

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