Frequently Asked Questions
For Patients and Family Members

Getting started

  1. How do I get access to myDiya?check
  2. How do I log into myDiya? check
  3. How do I install myDiya on my phone or tablet?check
  4. How do I turn notifications on or off?check


  1. What is the Library?check
  2. How do I view the library of information about my loved one’s care? check
  3. How do I mark content in the Library as read?check
  4. How do I rate content in the Library?check
  5. How do I search for a specific item in the Library?check


  1. What is the inbox?check
  2. How do I view my inbox?check

Granting Access to Family

  1. How do I share information with other family members?check
  2. How do I view who has access to information?check
  3. What does “Pending” versus “Accepted” mean on the People with Access page?check
  4. How do I remove a family member’s access to information?check


  1. What is the Messages feature?check
  2. How do I view messages from clinicians or family members?check
  3. Can I send a message to the clinicians?check
  4. Can I send a message to my family members?check

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