About Us

Our Mission

To increase care provider efficiency and care quality.

Our Vision

To make high-quality health information safely accessible.

Our History

Diya Health, a digital health SaaS company, was founded in 2018 by a team of doctors and engineers who were looking to develop a communication platform for providers, patients, and families in a disjointed care delivery model.

Diya, a word of Arabic origin, means “radiance.” It has been adopted by South-Asian culture as a name for a primitive lamp, and symbolizes optimism and prosperity. It lights the dark and gives a sense of calm.

By streamlining communication between providers, patients, and families in healthcare, Diya Health lives up to its name — it lights the dark.

Leadership Team

Amit Bansal

CEO & Founder


Roman Polunin

Technical Advisor


Daniel Garcia, MD, PhD

Executive Director of Business Development


Danielle Kaiser, MHA

Head of Client & Partner Operations


Wally Finley, MSCS

Head of IT & Compliance


Alex Tolkachev

Director of Engineering


Advisory Board

David Kapaska, DO

Strategic Advisor


Mark Williams

Strategic Advisor


Jim Briggs

Strategic Advisory


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