A personal health record (PHR) software that gives patients control of their own health data. This HIPAA-compliant software boasts a multitude of unique, essential capabilities that ensure patients receive high-quality, safe medical treatment. From serving as a health diary, to creating a timeline of users' health history, to tracking COVID-19 symptoms, myDiya allows patients to conveniently access their own health data, share their information with whoever they please, and prepare for medical emergencies.

Take Control

With myDiya, you can take control of your own health data. From accessing your medical history, to uploading new health information, to sharing your information with anyone you desire, you will never have trouble tracking your health information again.

Upload Anything

After creating a myDiya account, you can effortlessly upload your health information through manual entry or your existing medical record. You can also upload photographs of your prescriptions, reports, and other documents which our highly trained team will digitize and keep current. To keep your information safe, we abide by HIPAA and HL7-FHIR standards.

Track your Health

Additionally, you can track your vital signs, mood, potential COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, and overall health status using myDiya's cutting-edge technology. myDiya even consolidates a your information into a digital and printable emergency card that depicts a scannable QR code. So, you can carry your health information at all times in case of an emergency, and first responders have the information they need to provide immediate, safe, high-quality care.

myDiya Capabilities


Reduce your COVID-19 risk with myDiya

You can track your COVID-19 exposure and symptoms (temperature, cough, fever, etc) from the safety and comfort of your home. You can share this accurate history and symptom information with your family and physicians, especially if symptoms worsen. Physicians can also remotely monitor your symptoms from anywhere.Watch YouTube video

Roman Polunin

Fremont, California
myDiya is a great place to keep the personal health history properly digitized and always available. Its optional QR code feature is perfect for emergency wrist band for all kinds of outdoors activity.

Kate Kalento

Minsk, Belarus
If you have ever struggled with finding all the docs or remembering all the information related to your health, then you know how painful it is to have a well-organized comprehensive picture of your health. Now you can relax because myDiya will relieve your pain and will secure all your details in one place.

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